What to Expect: Herbal Antibiotics Week 2

If you haven’t read week 1 of my herbal antibiotic experience, go ahead and start there first. This is a continued post.

My Protocol

Allicillin – 1 pill with breakfast, lunch, + dinner
Interfase Plus – 1 pill between meals (2x a day)
MotilPro – 1 pill between meals + gradually increase
Betaine HCL – 2 with each meal
Digestive Enzymes – 2 with each meal
Probiotic – 1 scoop upon waking

I decided to take a refresher after a tough day 7. I only took the enzymes, probiotic, and HCL on day 8 and slowly began to increase the allicin by 1 a day until I was taking one pill with breakfast, lunch, + dinner.


Day 8: Woke up this morning with chest pain/heart burn + a headache. Decided not to take herbal antibiotics today. My body just feels like it’s at war with itself. Feeling less bloating and brain fog after breakfast already. Feeling super depressed + down today. This is definitely the lowest mental day. Lots of crying today. Sam got the brunt of it. I just feel so hopeless and like life isn’t work living if this is what I’m going to feel like forever. How do you live like this? What if I never get better? What if nothing works? Everything feels heavy. I don’t want to do this anymore.

Day 9: Whew. Woke up in a much better head space today. This will not get the better of me. This is just a season and I am going to learn through it and not lose hope. I WILL BEAT THIS STUPID AF ILLNESS.


Reintroduced the allicin today. Took one with breakfast and dinner. We’ll see how that goes. No pain, brain fog, inflammation, or awful bloating as of this morning. Trying to move today and work on my core. Poo is lookin nasty today eck. A little bit nauseous today. Gurgly + bloated after lunch. Kind of fatigued too. Ordered + read the SIBO Solution today (and loving it omg). Wheezing + reflux (and obviously bloating) after dinner. 😦 Made myself to a Nike+ work out. I’m super sore, but really glad I did it.

Day 10: Feeling pretty tired this morning. Taking some femdophilus this morning because I can feel a UTI coming on… + ain’t no way I’m dealing with that on top of SIBO. I LOVE this stuff. Increased dosage to 3 allicin a day. I haven’t been hungry throughout this course of herbals, but I was SUPER hungry this morning. Like… I could eat 2 portions of chicken + waffles hungry. (But my stomach would literally come out of my body + hit me over the head with a newspaper if I did that.) Don’t feel 100% bloated after breakfast. Good signs? Poo is again looking p nasty. I’ll leave it at that.


Did a couple of stretches + planks today. The movement really helps even though the bloating is gross. Still bloated, but way less than usual after lunch! Sang a while (in an attempt to stimulate my vagus nerve). Did feel a little inflammed/bloated after dinner, but feel like I’m making improvements! Acne is flaring up. Used a tea tree oil blend to see how that works. Ordered my stool test today + spoke to a new potential member of my health team! Ready to beat this thing. Mood/hope is doing better today 🙂

Day 11: Woke up pretty tired again (do you see a common theme here?) + hungry. Feeling pretty yucky/bloated after breakfast… what the heck!? Yesterday was such a good day! Is it because I had fruit (blueberries)? Having some fun abdominal pain/cramping too. That’s a new one. And, well, you know…


Feeling nice + gurgly today. Like when the lactulose hits ya (we’ve all been there am I right?) I also feel anxious, but like hyper-alert/aware anxious. Rapid heartbeat kind of anxious. Feeling constipated (even though I’ve gone today). Don’t ask me how it’s possible, it just is. Feeling a little more depressed as the day has gone on. Completely + utterly wrecked after dinner. Reflux, awful bloating, pain, you name it – I got it. Thinking it is MotilPro because I increased to 4 pills today. Will go without tomorrow.

Day 12: I feel like I got run over by a train 🙂

My bottom half feels like it’s on fire. (Graphic, I know).


Feeling bloated and inflammed (in my throat) after lunch. What else is new? Mood has been pretty good today. No pain after staying off prokinetics. Think I’ll try it again once I’m off the herbals or I’ll switch to Iberogast. Diffused some lemon essential oil during the day. Clove in the evening. Helped LOADS with the bloating. Want to keep experimenting with it to see how I do.

Day 13: Ayo, what’s new? Feeling pretty bloated/yucky after breakfast. My “lower half” feels like it did yesterday. Nice + constipated. Woohoo. Tried to get some movement in. Did some stretches + walked a good bit today. Helps a little. Feeling pretty fatigued today. Sam came to Miami and I think it really helps to be social/have someone else to be here during all this.

Day 14: 2 FRIGGIN WEEKS. Man. Can I be done with this yet? My throat feels super inflammed after breakfast. I had a couple nuts/seeds so I did that one to myself (Trader Joe’s grainless granola). Also noticing a bit of a rapid heartbeat. Didn’t go to the bathroom right after breakfast like I usually do. Adding berberine back in today!! (Just with breakfast). Had a tiny headache throughout the day. Wheezing + LPR is acting up a good bit. Nice + bloated after dinner. A decent walk helped. Have a headache/gnarly fatigue/brain fog the rest of the night.

Week 2 Conclusions

Slowly increasing my dosage was DEFINITELY the way to go. Should’ve done that from the beginning.

I wish I would’ve known how individual this disease is for everyone. What works for one person may not work for me (and vice versa). I thought herbal antibiotics would be the cure all + I would feel better after being on them, but I actually feel worse. The die off phase is over, but it’s not doing anything for me. Knowing this would have probably helped me on my bad days.

Another thing – I think realizing how unique this illness is allowed me to realize that:

  1. Treatment/healing is going to be a process. It will not be cured in a week, a month, or even a couple of months. It may take time to eradicate SIBO + begin to heal years worth of damage to my gut. It’s okay if herbal antibiotics (or this one round of them) isn’t doing anything right now.
  2. I have to find the root cause. SIBO is rarely a problem in itself. It usually means there is something else going on in your body + you need to listen to it. Unfortunately, testing is expensive + can take an emotional toll on you. BUT I went ahead and ordered a stool test because I know that I need to play detective and figure out what’s going on so I am not relapsing the rest of my life. I also have issues like GERD, LPR, gastritis, + leaky gut. I don’t just want a quick fix. I want to be on the road to real health.
  3. It’s okay to go through a grief process. As you can see by some of this week and last week’s post, I hit some pretty low moments. I feel like the posts don’t really do it a whole lot of justice, but I felt like I had a 2 ton anvil on my chest + I didn’t ever see how I’d get it off on those days. Katie Caldwell mentions, in her SIBO Summit interview, that grief isn’t just what you do when someone dies. It is learning to accept your new life. I am not accepting feeling this way forever. I am determined to get to the bottom of what is going on + do anything I can to get to a place where I don’t feel so miserable, but I had to also come to accept the fact that if I felt this way for the rest of my life… life still had to be worth living. “Perfect health” couldn’t be my identity. If I never find it, I am okay with that. Because there is more to my life than feeling good. And it has taken me 3 years to get there… but I’m there. I was confused, in denial, angry, depressed, obsessive, + finally hit acceptance. It’s okay to feel all of those things. Whatever stage you’re in, just know you’re not alone in the way you’re feeling 🙂

As much as I do not want to keep taking my herbals (for lack of results), I want to see through the course + finish so I can say I did a full round. It also could bring my numbers down. I am just not sure. I am on the search for a new naturopath. As kind + caring as mine is, we are just not communicating very well + I need someone who is going to both listen to me + individualize treatment for me. Will continue to journal. Hope because everything is written down, you can find this helpful/as a guide to some things you may experience during your time on herbal antibiotics. 

Happy healing to all 🙂



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