What to Expect: Week 3 of Herbal Antibiotics

It’s Wednesday, my dudes.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July + enjoyed your blueberry, banana, strawberry fruit salad like I did (because life is too short to avoid all of the fruit on a holiday while everyone else is eating strawberry shortcake, you feel me?)

I didn’t get to finish my little series of my experience with herbals, so I am doing that now. I went off of them because my experience was overall 0/10 with them (this first time).


Here’s the play-by-play + my reasoning for ending them a week early. Excuse all the poo talk, but you’re on a SIBO website, soooo…. 😉


Day 15: woke up with a gnarly little headache. Need to start wearing my retainer again. Going off probiotics today so I can take my stool test right after herbals. Went poo after breakfast. Still headache and a little foggy feeling. Lied down for a bit and took Tylenol for the headache. Really bad headache. And bloated after a banana.

Day 16: woke up feeling pretty well rested!! What?! (Ty lavender EO).


Went to bed early so that helped. Went twice after breakfast. Got some d now, this is fun. Feeling a little tired around midday. Throat is pretty gnarly/inflammed after lunch (tomatoes + ketchup = too much for LPR?) Bad fatigue. Took a nap. LPR + wheezing acting up. Really bloated/nauseous after dinner. Maybe steer clear of cheese? Or maybe the meat wasn’t cooked enough? :/ ugh I just don’t want to eat anything. A little bit of tummy pain + nausea. Noticing that bananas are bothering me. May have had too many almonds too. Body really aches.

Day 17: don’t really want to face the day. I’m tired + not hungry. I am scared to eat. Tired of this illness. Feeling really fatigued today. I’ve pooped like 3 times so I guess that’s good? Increased both the berberine + biofilm disruptor. Feeling yucky + nauseous. Had a few bites for lunch. Felt pretty good. Walked a good bit. Then felt a little achey/fatigue. Light dinner. Low bloat afterwards 👍🏼

Day 18: slept through the night WOO. A little headachey from cooking. Feeling better after breakfast. Went right away. Throat does feel a little inflammed after breakfast? Maybe it’s the bacon. Gnarly headache after taking the biofilm? Not taking any this afternoon. Had some Tylenol because it was pretty bad. Closed my eyes for a while. Feeling better after lunch. Not too much bloating. Hard to focus + so tired at Barnes and nobles. Came home and napped + feel super foggy upon waking. Bloated + nauseous after dinner. Tummy feels inflamed + throat. Cried a lot before bed.

Day 19: toss + turned a lot in my sleep. My throat feels pretty inflamed. P nauseous after breakfast + up until lunch. Really fatigued too. Eating help with the fatigue but I feel a little tummy pain 😦 felt super nauseous pretty much all day. Inflamed and bloated after dinner. Having a hard time falling asleep.

Day 20: the inflammation is unreal. Seriously the worst it has ever been. My throat is killing me. I can’t do this anymore UGH.

Week 3/Final Conclusions

To be honest with all of you people new to SIBO or family/friends that are keeping up with me, this absolutely sucks. I wish this was a quick fix + y’all didn’t have to keep asking me how my health was/how I was feeling… because I’m tired of telling you I feel like a nice spread of turd spread on burnt toast as much as you’re tired of hearing it.

Being home sucked. It was discouraging. I thought this would make me better. I was doing what all the experts told you to do. I took all my awful pills that gave me straight garlic breath for 3 weeks along with a whole other mess of symptoms. They made me feel so much worse.

But, somehow, at the same time, it was encouraging.

Yes, in a twisted sort of way.

I am not thankful or grateful for this illness. I don’t understand why God allowed it, but He did. And if I can help someone else going through this or even become a more gracious, compassionate person through this, then it won’t have gone to waste. Being home gave me time to be with family, to spend some more time with God, to attend the SIBO Summit (bless sweet Shivan’s heart + all of those super knowledgable people that spoke I took SO many notes).

It gave me time to grieve. 

To grieve the loss of what my life looked like before SIBO. I am not SIBO. I know that. I am first + foremost Stephanie. I am a child of God. And I have a life outside of being ill. But being ill also makes it really really hard to have a life. And that is the biggest thing I am grateful for about being home/going through this course of herbals.

I realized that this isn’t a quick fix. It may take months or years + lots of trial and error. It will take getting to the root cause of why I got SIBO + have other digestive issues in the first place. It will take multiple rounds of treatment.

It is still temporary.

Even if it is a LONG sort of temporary, it isn’t forever. And I am encouraged by that. I know that herbals may just not work for me, or maybe I need to go through more rounds of them. I know I need to focus on healing emotionally and see a therapist. I know I need more physical activity. I know this is a very individualistic disease + there is no one cure-all for every person.

If you’re in the thick of this, I hope you know that you are not alone. You are not your illness. It IS temporary. It will get better. There will be relief. And it’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to be pissed. It’s okay to be depressed. It’s okay to want to isolate yourself. It’s okay if you had a bag of Doritos today. You’re learning, you’re growing, and you’re going through the process. I wish someone had told me that at the beginning of my journey.

For those of you interested, I have an appointment this Saturday with a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. Her main goal is going through testing + finding the root cause of each individual person’s illness. We’ve done a consultation and I am VERY excited to have found her because she seems to be a much better fit than my naturopath. Will keep you posted. Hang in there, SIBOers! 🙂 Sending love + healing prayers.




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