Preparing Your Detox Pathways

Hi guys + gals!

Many of you have asked me what in the world I am doing right now and what my protocol is for SIBO + all my digestive issues.

Let me show you.


If you read my last blog here, you saw that after all of my testing results came back, I had a high count of the bacteria Citrobacter, Klebsiella, and Strep. As well as an H Pylori infection.

These 3 bacteria + 1 infection created the perfect storm for SIBO.

Thus, if we regulate the bacteria + get rid of the infection, the SIBO takes care of itself.

So — my lovely FDN-P recommended a detox protocol. Trying to straight up bring down the count of these “bad” bacteria would be like shoving a turkey down a garbage disposal. It’s just too much all at once. And because my digestion is all messed up, my detox pathways aren’t doing a super great job at working either.

So, we’re working to “pour some drain-o” down the sink + clear some of these pathways to prepare for when we go in and target these bacteria.

For the next 4 weeks, this is my protocol:

Digestacure1-3 pills throughout the day
ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops10 drops a day
Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes2 at the start of each meal
ACZ Nano Zeolite6 sprays 2x a day
Unda #15 drops 3x daily
Unda #205 drops 3x daily
Unda #35 drops 3x daily
Phage Complete2 caps per day

After learning my lesson, we are practicing “titration”, or starting new supplements one-by-one so we know which ones are making me feel great + which ones make me feel like straight poo.

Not only does this clue us in to what’s working, but it gives me time to get used to the supplements and the die off is far, far, far better than it EVER was with the herbal antibiotics. Oh my goodness. SO much better.


I am only a week or so in so far and I’m loving it. The minerals have given me some die off, but it is so bearable and usually if I drink enough water it’s not too bad or if I take them before I eat, eating helps a TON.

Another thing I love about this is that each of these supplements are a boost for my tummy + are helping strengthen those good bacteria. Even though I still have SIBO, I am already feeling more energy than before! That fatigue can be really, really brutal.

However, in addition, another really important element to this protocol is cutting out those foods that I’m reactive to. Because salicylates are in every food ever, I have cut the specific yellow/red MRT foods out, nightshades, and am slowly beginning to cut high + very high salicylates out as I introduce new supplements. It can be pretty brutal. There are days I am extremely irritable or feel depressed, but I can feel it working in my body!

I’ve also switched out all harmful body care products to more natural ones because I am so sensitive to those nasty chemicals! And I’ve taken up castor oil packs as well as dry brushing (which I will do another blog post on because sweet Lord they are amazing).

I’d say the body care product switch + movement alone have made a HUGE difference. I am so excited to get through this protocol! Even with hard days, I am enjoying it much more than the herbals and I can really feel my body healing. I have more energy and have a better mood than usual. And I am really enjoying learning to live a low tox life!

I will keep you posted on the transition from this to my next protocol in the coming weeks. Let me know if you have any questions or have done anything similar to this! 

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